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Det finns en hel del forskning gjord kring detta i Sverige.
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Vetenskapliga arbeten där Olle Johansson är delaktig:

Olle Johansson anser att det här är ett av de absolut viktigaste arbeten,

som han och nedanstående experter på de elektromagnetiska fältens hälsorisker, någonsin har publicerat. 

[Fragopoulou A, Grigoriev Y, Johansson O, Margaritis LH, Morgan L, Richter E, Sage C, 

Scientific panel on electromagnetic field health risks: 
Consensus points, recommendations, and rationales
Scientific Meeting: Seletun, Norway, November 17-21, 2009”,
Rev Environ Health 2010; 25: 307-317] 
från workshopen i Seletun, november 2009, pressmeddelandet, 


och videon från ElectromagneticHealth.org, 

More to read - from The Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine:

"The first to raise the issue were researchers Dr. Olle Johansson and colleague Örjan Hallberg at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. They found a strong association between the increase in certain cancers during the 20th Century and exposure to electromagnetic fields as measured by radio and TV broadcasts. They reported that there is a common environmental stress that accelerates several forms of cancer – colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, and melanoma. They site the introduction of AM radio (1920s), radar (1940s), FM radio and TV (1950s), computers (1970s), mobile phones (1980s), and wireless technologies and compact fluorescent lighting (2000s), and conclude that artificially created EMR is the most likely environmental stress to account for the rise in cancers.[16,17,18]"

A new debate article/Ny debattartikel

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L,
”Ohälsan ökar i takt med strålningen”
 (=”Ill health increases with radiation”, in Swedish),
Borås Tidning 14/2 2011  

...ytterligare versioner av vår senaste debattartikel:

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ”Strålningen ger oss hjärnskador” (=”Brain damage from radiation”, in Swedish), Affärer 3/2 2011



Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ”Strålningen ger oss hjärnskador” (=”Brain damage from radiation”, in Swedish), Tandvårdsskadeförbundet 7/2 2011



Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, “Stoppa blindbocksleken om riskerna med strålning” (=”Stop the blind man's bluff game regarding the risks of radiation”, in Swedish), HelaHälsingland 14/2, 2011


Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, “Blindbocksleken med vår hälsa måste stoppas” (=”The blind man's bluff game with our health must be stopped”, in Swedish), Teknikdebatt.se 18/2, 2011


Även Dr Peterson skriver om vår forskning:

Now our recent debate article has appeared in two more publications!/Nu har vår senaste debattartikel dykt upp på ytterligare två ställen!

 Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L,
”Sanningens ord!? Strålning ger oss hjärnskador! Ohälsan ökar i takt med strålningen!” (=”Words of truth!? Brain damage from radiation! Ill health increases with radiation!”, in Swedish),
Nya AnnonsX:et [sid. 2] 23/2 2011

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L,
”Försiktighetsprincipen har satts ur spel”
(=”The precautionary principle has been eliminated”, in Swedish), Norran 24/2 2011

Also see our reply/ Läs också vår replik:

Dämvik M, Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ”Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten vilseleder, (=”The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority misleads”, in Swedish), Arbetarbladet 22/2 2011 http://arbetarbladet.se/torget/debatt/1.2781186-stralsakerhetsmyndigheten-vilseleder

A new version of our debate article/En ny version av vår debattartikel:

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ”Ska ekonomin gå före vår hälsa?” (=”Should the economy take precedence over our health?”, in Swedish), Piteå-Tidningen 14/3 2011 http://www.pitea-tidningen.se/debatt/artikel.aspx?ArticleId=6032380


In case you have not yet seen it,
I hereby want to strongly recommend reading one of our recent papers, 
Dämvik M, Johansson O, “Health risk assessment of electromagnetic fields:
A conflict between the precautionary principle and environmental medicine methodology”,
Rev Environ Health 2010; 25: 325-333


(Abstract)  The purpose of the precautionary principle is that legal requirements are to be made to safeguard against the possible health risks that have not yet been scientifically established. That a risk is not established cannot, therefore, be used as an excuse for not applying the principle. Yet, that rationale is exactly what is happening in the case of the possible health risks from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The scientists, representing both the World Health Organization and the European Commission, do not have at all the precautionary principle in mind when they report on health risks. Their starting point is instead to determine whether new research findings have been scientifically established and thus cannot be the basis for an amendment to the existing exposure limits. Uncertain indications of risk are ignored or played down. This approach is in conflict with European Union (EU) law, which requires that the degree of scientific uncertainty should be presented correctly. A thorough examination of the state of research shows many serious indications of possible health risks from exposure very far below existing limits for EMF. Case law, for other types of exposure, also shows that the precautionary principle can be applied on the basis of weaker evidence than that. Our investigation shows that the precautionary principle is not being used for its intended purpose in relation to exposure to EMF. The reason for this position is that decision-makers are being misled by inaccurate risk assessments.

Health Risk Assessment of Electromagnetic Fields:
A Conflict between the Precautionary Principle and Environmental Medicine Methodology
Mats Dämvik & Olle Johansson



Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L,
”SSM uppmanar: Använd “handsfree för säkerhets skull”!”
(="The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority warns: Use “handsfree for sake of safety"!", in Swedish), 

Tf-bladet 2011; (1): 20-21

Increasing melanoma – too many skin damages or too few repairs? 2011-04-03

Radiation Exposure Concerns Raised by Scientists

Wireless may harm foetus

Scientists Urge Halt of Wireless Rollout

 Hösten 2004 kom detta svenska arbete (där Olle Johansson är inblandad) i den vetenskapliga tidskriften
"Medical Science Monitor", med stöd av bl.a. Karolinska Institutet och Cancer- och Allergifonden:

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Malignant melanoma of the skin - not a sunshine story!",
Med Sci Monit 2004; 10: CR336-340

[den engelska sammanfattningen bifogas:]


Background: In an earlier study on malignant melanoma incidence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the USA, we found a strong association between the introduction of FM radio broadcasting at full-body resonant frequencies and increasing melanoma incidence. The purpose of the current study was to review mortality and incidence data for malignant melanoma of the skin in Sweden and its temporal relation to increased "sun-traveling", and to the introduction of FM and TV broadcasting networks.

Material/Methods: Official, published information was collected and displayed graphically. These data included incidence rates of malignant melanoma, death numbers, charter travel statistics, and data on the expansion of the FM broadcasting network in all counties of Sweden.

Results: A good correlation in time was found for the rollout of FM/TV broadcasting networks while the increased amount of "sun travel" by air (charter) did not start until 7 years after the melanoma trend break in 1955. Counties that did not roll out their FM-broadcasting network until several years after 1955 continued to have a stable melanoma mortality during the intervening years.

Conclusions: The increased incidence and mortality of melanoma of skin cannot solely be explained by increased exposure to UV-radiation from the sun. We conclude that continuous disturbance of cell repair mechanisms by body-resonant electromagnetic fields seems to amplify the carcinogenic effects resulting from cell damage caused e.g. by UV-radiation.

Hela texten kan tankas ned härifrån: http://www.MedSciMonit.com/pub/vol_10/no_7/4321.pdf